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FREE 30-Day Journal Challenge

A Longing Fulfilled...

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Longing: to have a strong wish or desire
Fulfilled: to bring a desire or promise to completion or reality

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul..." Proverbs 13:19a

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A Little About Me

Hi. My name is Eileen, and I am a Professional Christian Life Coach.

I am the creator of “A Longing Fulfilled…” and want to say, “Welcome!”

I was born and raised in Colorado. I did move away a couple of times, but always found my way back home. And no, I have never taken up skiing! The idea of sliding down a mountain full of snow just terrifies me.

After experiencing the heartbreak of two failed marriages, I decided to concentrate on keeping my focus on Jesus, the true lover of my soul. I have one son, Luke, who lives in the beautiful state of Washington and a sweet grand dog named Dexter. I am an artist and photography is my thing. Through the editing process, I like making the usual unusual. Another way I express my value of creativity is through writing. I invite you to check out my blog where I will share with you words of encouragement, my own personal stories of this beautiful journey I am on with Jesus, thought provoking quotes, my photography, and just possibly one of my own poems from time to time. Hanging out in an atmospheric coffee shop with family and friends sipping on a pumpkin cream cold brew…yep, that’s also my thing!

I value my faith in Jesus, community, encouragement, authenticity, and creativity. I am inspired when I read and study the Bible, pray, worship and hear the Word of God taught from the pulpit at my church. I am passionate about walking alongside Christian women on their journey through challenging life transitions and those seeking a deeper and experiential relationship with Jesus. Through my own life experiences (loss of employment, divorce, a child moving out of state, a cancer diagnosis, and making a choice to take the risk of leaving the security of my corporate job to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur…just to name a few), I have learned the keys to living a transformed life by saying yes to God, trusting Him, walking in obedience, surrendering all, and how to successfully make it through the waiting process.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the process of coaching because I have seen the difference it is making in my client’s lives. They are coming into self-awareness, being inspired towards a vision, devising strategic plans which are helping them to accomplish their goals, and conquering any obstacles that get in their way. It is an honor for me to have been given the opportunity to be a part of their journey. I would love the opportunity to walk alongside you on your journey. Together, we will leave the past behind and move forward, discovering how you can intentionally live with purpose and victoriously experience a renewing of your mind and have your longings fulfilled.

I am an alumni of Christian Coach Institute and have earned my Certified Professional Life Coach and Group Mastery certifications.

Unlimited Possibilities

What I Offer

I work with women on how to successfully navigate through a life transition where they may feel stuck, empty, without direction or even fearful. I also work with women who desire to go deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus. I provide a place where both can victoriously experience their longings fulfilled.

Have questions about coaching?

I work with clients as a Life Transition Coach and a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Click on the tabs to the right to learn more about coaching and the specific areas I coach in.

As a Life Transition Coach, my focus is on helping you to successfully navigate the inevitable changes that occur during a life transition. Whether predictable or not, one day you will wake up and realize your life is headed in another direction. You might feel stuck, empty, directionless, or even fearful (oh, that's a big one!).  I am here to champion you as you face this new season in your life.
As a Spiritual Transformation Coach, my focus is on helping those who have a desire to go deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus. You might feel stuck, empty, directionless, or paralyzed by fear which is stopping you from becoming who God has created you to be.
* Coaching is for people who are basically well adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and wanting to make improvements in their lives.
* Coaching is not therapy, counseling, advice giving, mental healthcare, or treatment for substance abuse or any addictive behaviour.
*  Coaching is designed to address issues the person being coached would like to consider.  These could include (but not limited to) life transitions, spiritual growth, life balance, decision making, and achieving short-term and long-term goals.
* Successful coaching will be an ongoing relationship that may take a few months or longer.  It is about answering questions that may be difficult and requires the person being coached to dig deeply, providing time and attention to completing weekly goals.
* Coaching is a confidential relationship.

No matter the journey ahead, we will walk together towards a place that will bring about self-awareness, move you to be inspired towards a vision, devise strategic plans to help you accomplish your goals, and conquer any obstacles that may get in the way.

Together, we will leave the past behind and move forward discovering how you can intentionally live with purpose and victoriously experience a renewing of your mind and have your longings fulfilled.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will."
Romans 12:2 NIV

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What My Clients Are Saying

A few words from the amazing people I work with.

"Eileen is a master at creating a coaching experience that creates shift in my thinking. Having her as a coach has been the best decision I have made, to keep me focused, moving forward, and achieving my goals at this new stage in my life."

Stephanie S.

“I loved my time with Eileen as my life coach! She has a way of leading you to think through helpful things you hadn’t considered. She is genuinely interested and invested in my success. You can tell that she really cares and is curious. Eileen is a joy to work with, and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Andriana R.

"Eileen has a warm and caring approach. Her positive energy encourages you to pursue the changes, you need to live a happy, peace-filled life. I am grateful that God led me to Eileen!"

Susan K.

"From our very first call, Eileen was full of compassion and genuinely wanted to see me succeed. She made it very easy for me to trust her and open up, allowing me to grow and discover who I was created to be. I love having Eileen as my coach."

Andrea H.
“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4
What I Offer

My Coaching Packages

To assure momentum for you to obtain results, a three month commitment is encouraged.
Monthly payments accepted via Zelle or Venmo and are due prior to monthly sessions starting.
All sessions are up to 60 minutes in length via Zoom.

Be Inspired

Package 1
$ 220
  • Intake Call
  • 2 Sessions per month

Embrace Passion

Package 2
$ 315
  • Intake Call
  • 3 Sessions per month
  • Life Values Harmony Worksheet

Live Fulfilled

Package 3
$ 400
  • Intake Call
  • 4 Sessions per month
  • Life Values Harmony Worksheet
  • Spiritual Gifts Worksheet

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30-Day Journal Challenge

30-Day Journal Challenge

God promises we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Be transformed as you read the Word and capture what the Lord is saying to you through the journaling process.
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